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Forbidden Truth: A Poem about family secrets and the truth being suppressed.

I relate to a lot of what is said in this poem, but the poem isn't directly about me. I won't get in to detail, but there has been a lot weighing on me about children today that suffer from childhood trauma. I have seen first hand multiple children that are "forbidden" from telling anyone the truth, or afraid to tell the truth, because there isn't anyone that they feel they can trust that will help them in their situation.

As a parent, it has been challenging to see first hand several (if not all) of my daughters friends experience childhood trauma and feeling helpless because there isn't anything you can do as a parent to take away another child's suffering. I find myself grieving for that child (and myself) as it triggers previous emotions that I felt in childhood.

In reality, almost every child experiences childhood trauma. I am sure that there are things I do that aren't right as a parent and gives my daughter a point on the ACE scale (however, I do work hard not to be consciously aware of this to avoid adding to trauma). I believe that everyone is doing their best as parents and I am not here to judge anyone.

It is hard being a parent and even more difficult when you are trying to go through your own journey of healing while also raising a child, or even several children. I feel that it is important to support other parents in their journey, listen to them, and be a friend (as long as it is a mutually beneficial friendship and not adding to toxicity). You can still be supportive and listen without being a friend or losing yourself.

I hope this poem helps remind other parents that it is important to be kind and to recognize when one of your child's friends might be feeling alone, and to not judge that child, but to have empathy and listen. Or even set a dedicated time each day without technology, to just talk to your child, ask them about their day, talk about their interests, and show genuine interest in what they have to say. Your child might not be suffering from childhood trauma, but I guarantee that one or several of their friends are, and those friends are asking your child for advice. Scary huh? Your kid doesn't even clean their room but they are acting as a therapist to their friend.


Forbidden Truth

By: Susan Evans

The truth is forbidden

I suffer alone in pain

If the truth leaks out

He loses his rein

Kept behind these walls

Captive if you will

No talking is allowed

Lips must be still

The birds do not sing

Instinctively they know

One wrong move

And he will surely blow

When I look at him, I loathe

A feeling of disgust

I am repulsed

This world is unjust

The land of the free

Bullshit you are taught in school

None of this matters

When you live under his rules

The truth is forbidden

I am repeatedly disowned

One day I will find strength

And you will be dethroned

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