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Implicit Bias: An Understanding of how the brain works.

Implicit Bias

Our brain is complex and unique

Protecting us and keeping us safe

Scanning our environment

Glancing over everyone’s face

Without your knowledge or thought

Your brain makes that judgement call

Determining if this is where you belong

Which is why you do not recall

Having a bias or stereotype

Your brain sent you that alert

Telling you this is not your place

Protecting you from being hurt

A previous association

Or a negative interaction

Your brain formed that bias

A subconscious reaction

Your brain is just a processor

Data mining on your behalf

A conscious decision

You did not craft

Early associations formed

Created preferences or

Aversions to

Something the brain will not ignore

We must create new connections

And become more self-aware

So, our brain will positively associate

Minimizing the bias that is there

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